We mean Business

Historically, in our region, most of the economic activity is connected with the sea.

Ernest Hemingway used to mention in his book "To have or have not" that "in every port in the world, at least two Estonians can be found".

For our company being a wide range marine supplier is a honorable assignment which we fulfill with special attention to details and clients requirements.

Genfoss participates in a majority of electric power industry projects providing the most suitable and tailor-made Automatic solutions.

We also offer a wide specter of electric products like cables, power cables, connection kits, electrical cabins, etc.

GENFOSS Power Solutions

Our portfolio contains thousands of different new hydraulic and pneumatic products, among which hydraulic and pneumatic motors, hydraulic pumps, valves, proportional valves, control units and software to operate them.

We also offer a wide variety of refurbished pumps and motors of different brands.

In our portfolio one can find products of such manufacturers like Bosch Rexroth, Danfoss, Parker, M+S, White House Products, Hydrocontrol, etc.

Our bestsellers are orbital motors for marine industry, piston and gear pumps for multiple applications (both open and closed circuit).

GENFOSS Spare Part Management

Genfoss has tens of thousands spare part articles in its stocks worldwide. Also we can directly order from the manufacturer all those parts we do not keep in stock. We also offer the service of refurbishing of clients old hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.